Theme and appearance change

This blog started out as a place for me to gather all of the information about the remodeling of our house.  We haven’t had anything done for almost a year, so it’s been a bit quiet on the blog.  I have decided to change the theme of my blog.  This will be my place to record important stuff that I want to remember, so I am totally fine if you decide that it isn’t worth your time.

There is nothing earth shattering, but there were some very important changes in my life including this guy coming into it last May.


And this little critter coming into our lives in January of this year


Much of my life revolves around these two.  Felix is now one year old, and Phoebe is eight months old.  They are both interested in each other.  Felix likes Phoebe, but she kind of freaks him out if she barks too loudly or runs up and surprises him.  Phoebe just loves everybody.  She doesn’t quite know her own strength, and needs to get a little older and Felix needs to get a little older and then they should be pretty good buddies.


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