Upstairs – Part 1

I decided that this project deserves more than one post, because there were so many things wrong that needed fixing.

Here is my free hand, not really to scale, drawing of the upstairs when we bought the house.  I’m including this drawing, because we made changes in every room except bedroom #3 in the front of the house.


And here is a detail of the bathroom, which was really more like two partial bathrooms.  One room had a tub and a toilet.  The other had a shower and a single sink.  The sink and shower room had been a fourth bedroom and the original closet was left untouched.


There was a doorway sized opening between the two areas.  Which I suppose was an attempt to make it look like one large bathroom, which it didn’t.  There were far too many doorways breaking up the space, and lots of wasted space.   Both rooms, we discovered after moving in, had windows, which had been walled over.  The tub & toilet room had a, dim, flicker-y flourescent light.  There was some natural light from the door that goes out to the balcony from the sink & shower room.

 Here is the toilet & tub half of the bathroom, as we found it.

Tub       toilet

And here is the sink & shower half of the room.

door&trim        shower

sink       bathroomconnector

With such minimal fixtures, it is amazing how many things are wrong with this. We decided that the previous remodeler, didn’t know how to mitre a corner.  As illustrated by the corner plinths on the crown, and wainscot, the medallions in the corners of the door trim (and in the middle, just for good measure!)    No attempt was made to match the trim to the existing trim around the door to the outside, or around the door to the hall.   The bead board panelling goes up to the ceiling in places, but there is still a chair rail hight wood trim attached to it.  WTH???  Two little glass shelves were glued to the mirror, above the lone sink, and after a couple of months of using them, they came unglued.  The lights in the sink & shower area were bright, glaring CFLs, impossible for makeup application.  The bathtub was shallow and had been painted white, which I didn’t realize, untill I tried to use it.  The arched ceiling above the tub was a usless waste of a beautiful high ceiling.  There was a 15 inch wide wall added to fill in the space between the end of the crappy, cramped, painted tub and the wall.    The shower was huge, and very nice, but everything else was awful.  These rooms made me want to scream.

Because this depressing mess of a remodel felt like two separate rooms, we decided that we would create two separate and beautiful bathrooms.


One thought on “Upstairs – Part 1

  1. Meghan says:

    I love that you’re doing this! I must admit that I’m mildly addicted to home remodeling blogs so you have a loyal follower in me. I already love your house but I’m excited to see what you do! Also, the previous owner sounds like a total nut job.

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